The Benefits And Need For Gun Safes In America

America has lately published fatal news of children mishandling guns. An estimate by the Brady Campaign to protect gun violence shows that every day at least 7 children and teens die from gun violence and about 41 being shot are under survival on an average. This indicates how easy guns are accessible in America. It is no less than a toy for children which turn out to be fatal. Here are a few incidents of gun violence:


  • In Detroit, a young girl shot herself with a handgun that she found under the pillow of her grandmother
  • A two-year-old boy shot his father accidentally in Baltimore, Maryland. Fortunately, the victim survived
  • A one-year-old girl killed herself by shooting herself with her father’s gun in Missouri


The cases are continuing and hence the country is taking regulatory measures to safeguard the guns. Every household which has a gun should mandatorily keep a gun safe.


What is a gun safe?


It is a storage container that is protective and secure which can hold either one or multiple firearms and ammunition. Gun safes basically prevent unauthorized access, unqualified people, burglary, and damage from natural disasters like fire or flood.  There are regulatory provisions by law for which a gun safe, gun lock and metal gun cabinet is necessary. Gun cabinets made up of wood with traditional etched glass in the front are largely being replaced by gun safe for child protection. Some gun safes have been designed to resemble the older gun cabinets but have to be made under the regulations. More helpful information is available at


Gun Safes in America


Underwriters Laboratories tests the gun safes in America. There is a Standard UL certification as Residential Security Container (RSC). The safe should resist five minutes of any kind of attack including those with tools namely screwdrivers, wrenches, pry bars, chisels, hammers which do not weigh more than 3lb. The department of justice (DOJ) has passed that Regulatory Gun Safe Standards should approve every gun safe sold in California. This is the DOJ standard which acts as a common rating for gun safe classification. What do you think Should guns be banned in America? |


Types of Gun safes


There are basically 10 types of gun safes as mentioned below:


  • Biometric gun safe
  • Fireproof and waterproof gun safe
  • In- wall gun safe
  • Hidden gun safe
  • Car gun safe
  • Under Bed gun safe
  • Heavy duty gun safe
  • Corner gun safe
  • Truck gun safe
  • Nightstand gun safe


All these are made under the regulations as mentioned above. Overall these classifications make sure that you just can’t leave your gun underneath your pillow or on a side table negligently. Such negligence is a punishable offense. If you have kids at home, make sure gun safes are not large enough to get your kids stuck them inside.


Gun safe – Benefits


Owning one or more gun safes provides the following benefits:


  • Damage resistant to guns
  • Defending your family is best assured
  • Access to your firearm is controlled and organized
  • Abiding the law will always safeguard you from unexpected episodes and reduce punishment.


Consider these criteria while purchasing gun safes:


  • Dimension – It is important to know what measurement can fit on your property where you intend to keep your gun safe.
  • Material – A bulky safe may be beneficial but it is important to consider the texture and material for better safety. Depending on your tastes and space it occupies you may choose a wooden or metal gun safe
  • Durability strength and locking system – A gun safe should last long, strong enough and have a good locking system. You may opt for various locks such a biometric lock, key lock or any other code locks.


Overall, having a gun safe is important not just in America but in every part of the world irrespective of who you are and what your firearm license mentions as prohibitory measures. A gun safe is the best equipment one should invest upon for peaceful living more than just having a weapon to defend you. A weapon of any kind is fatal by itself and the fatality should be safeguarded with utmost importance. The need of the hour for all those who intend to own a firearm should be to buy a gun safe along with it.

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